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Grumpy because we are very similar. 
Which is your favorite of the seven dwarfs?

Innocent World

I think I've officially decided that Innocent World is my favorite brand. It just seems the most my style, and I want like every dress on their site. Now I'm looking through Hello Lace and just drooling. 

Hopefully one day I can have an actual IW OP. I ordered a Dream of Lolita replica. Except it wont be here for like 8 million years because of Chinese New Year. 

I am getting together my dream dresses and then I will post them so I can look at them and drool at my leisure. 

Writer's Block: Friday the 13th

I've found money on the ground on Friday the 13th on at least 3 occasions, so I've come to consider it a lucky day. ^.^
Do you believe in any superstitions?

Writer's Block: Happy New Year!

"Sound mind, body, spirit." I want to get better at meditation, exercise and challenging myself. 
What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Wore my outfit! V2.0 + outfit decisions

So, yesterday was the Angels vs Zombies Walk/Flash Mob in Downtown Farmington, so I wore my amaloli one piece since it was so cold out and put my angel wings over it. It was a huge hit! Everyone thought I was very cute (always a plus) and I was warm to boot (extremely important!).

So I'm glad I got so much use out of my dress since I am sad to think of it away in it's scented box all the time. But back into the box it goes now, until I find another reason to wear it. At least it will smell wonderful when I comes out (the scent has begun to fade....).

In any case, as soon as I think of a way to get my sewing machine to agree with me, I am going to finish the skirt I started. And after that, I am going to make a dress. Very classic in style, I think, with three quarter length sleeves, a natural waist (I haven't decided to go with a bow or not) and of middling length. I am thinking a small floral print, but haven't decided. 

Here is the pattern I am planning on using: 

Here are all the option you can make:


I am thinking the first dress on the second row, and maybe with the bow like in the 2nd dress of the 2nd row. I may alter the neckline or at least add some lace or ribbon. Or lace ribbon, who knows! 

The point is, I gotta get my stinking sewing machine to even work to the point that I can finish my durn dress! 

Wore my outfit!

It's Halloween so I wore one of my Lolita outfits so that I actually got some use out of it! I work in a cafe and wore it to work to pass out candy and everyone thought it was very cute! A Japanese couple even wanted their son to take a pic with me, which was great because I got some good listening practice and it was nice to know someone actually knew what I was wearing. XD 

Okay, that's as close to a journal entry as I'm like to get. 

Getting Rid of That Welcome

I am posting to remove that welcome from my line of sight. 

That is all. 

I mostly joined this website because I wanted to gain access to a lolita page. I am finding they are very hard to find. I suck at being on the internet sometimes, so I needed to make sure it would go to my blackberry. ^.^